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Even though this is a terrific compliment, it sends shivers down my spine. Why? Because I know that someday this patient will come in and instead say “You adjusted me several times and my back still hurts. You just aren’t as good as you used to be.” Or “Chiropractic doesn’t work for me anymore.”

The problem is not the treatment. The problem is that their back is now older, in worse shape, and is harder to treat. Even though this person felt great, it is impossible to make structural changes in two visits. That is why I always recommend a complete treatment program for structural change. The human body is wonderful. Usually even if we only correct 10% of the structural problem, that is enough for the body to compensate away from the irritation and the person feels “better”. However, when the other 90% is not corrected your body starts to wear out. There is extra stress on the joint surfaces and the body reacts by growing arthritic spurs to fuse the source of the irritation. The discs degenerate, get narrower and there is less room for the nerves leaving the spinal canal, and all of this is happening while you feel “Great!” Then one day you overdo it gardening, or you sneeze, or bend over to pick up something, or your dog pulls you, and suddenly you have pain. The more degeneration there is the harder it is to correct even the 10% for pain relief, much less trying to correct your structure. As your back continues to get worse the spine starts to fuse together, you can’t turn or move, and the pain is constant. It now takes longer to help you, costs more, and the end result is not optimum. I have been in practice for over 35 years now, and I see this all the time. Some of you know it has happened to you. You come in only when you hurt, quit when the pain is gone, and over the years it has begun to take longer to get rid of the pain. Your back is getting older faster than you are.

We want better than that for you and your family. With regular maintenance treatments your back will be closer to normal, with better mobility, less stress on the joints, arthritis stops or slows down, and we have treatments that help reverse disc degeneration. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to correct.  Please don't wait.  Schedule today!


Getting ready for a Brave New World!

Our Health Care world is changing. Insurance is covering less for the treatments you want and need. As we age, the preventative care treatments provided by Dr Moon are more important than ever!

If you have a job or duties at home, you can’t afford to be off work with a bad back. You need to be at your best as employers demand more of their workers. and lay off those who can’t keep up.

If you are looking for a job, you must be at your physical best to compete with all of the others who want that job just as badly as you do.

Regular Chiropractic treatments help take stress off of your joints and out of your life. It stops or slows down arthritis, helps you feel better, and keeps you on the job!

Regular chiropractic helps minimize your body’s stress so that you feel better, move better and have more energy. Everything is better when you feel great including your work, home life, hobbies, vacation, golf, or just bending over to play with the kids or grandchildren.

Dr Moon has been in the medical field for over 45 years, and practicing Chiropractic for 36 years. He knows how important your treatments are for you, your family, and your friends. Friends don’t let friends go unadjusted!

Our NEW PATIENT $57.00 exam now includes the first two treatment at no extra fee! Plus Dr. Moon also includes a Free sample of our new Relief and Recovery lotion, This offer is too good to put off! Your friends and family can Click here to schedule an appointment


Auto Accident Reminder!

Dr. Moon is Clayton Valley’s Auto accident and injury specialist. Remember, if you or a friend experiences injuries due to an auto accident you should call us right away to be checked over.

Dr Moon is Social Networking!

Dr. Moon has been using on-line appointments for 10-15 years now and has had a web-page since the web had pages!

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100 for $100.00!? (limited time offer)

Can you really come in 100 times in one week? Well, probably not, but as another way to help people in pain, we have started our Easter Holiday 100 for $100.00 plan. If you are having spinal trouble you can come in for an adjustment as often as needed during our regular office hours for one week for just $100.00. We are here to help you get better! (Sorry, you can’t share this one with the family, they have to buy their own)

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To get the BEST results, these exercises should be done in conjunction with Chiropractic Treatments.  

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We hope you have the best of health possible!

Sincerely, Dr. Steven L. Moon & Staff

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