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Emily L   3 May, 2016

After visiting 3 other chiropractors, I was losing hope that I would find a doctor who could treat my back pain from scoliosis and the subsequent migraines it was causing. I was so thankful to find Dr. Moon...!

Kimberly K  3 May, 2016

I started going to Dr. Moon as a patient because I had migraines and neck pain from an auto accident. Since going to Dr. Moon, I no longer have migraines or neck pain. I will still continue maintenance visits for scoliosis pain. I was very pleased with Dr. Moon's treatments and his affordable prices! 

Lisa H     3 May, 2016

Dr. Moon and his staff are caring and concerned individuals who have their patients' health, well-being, and best interest at heart.

Anita H     9 May, 2016

I chose Dr. Moon because of his sincerenty, kindness and knowledge of the human body. I have very fragile malady that needs extra sensitivity and care. He tried many types of manipulations and therapies to alieve my pain and always listens carefully to my concerns. 

Kimberly G 1 May, 2016

I decided after my first visit that I would give regular visits a try... It was nice to hear that he has created a special payment plan to make visits more affordable to his patients.

Connie D  9 May, 2016

Dr. Moon cares about his patient's health. He has fit me into the schedule on numerous occasions when I was in pain. 

Jessica C  10 May, 2016

Having personally benefitted from Dr. Moon's professional care, I now have my 5 month old son being treated seen by him to remedy some newborn physical ailments. I am beyond thankful we found Dr. Moon! We are both doing much better, I had difficulty finding a chiropractor who listened to my needs, was available for emergency visits, and genuinely cared for our well-being. Dr. Moon is compassionate about his work and benefiting the lives of his patients. 

Sara B     4 May, 2016

I was suffering from chronic headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, hip and leg pain. After my first adjustment, my headache completely went away. After several adjustments, my headaches continued to subside. My neck and backfelt stronger and more supported than ever. 

Edie A      22 May, 2016

Dr. Moon's top priority/interest is to help his patients. His love for Chiropractic medicine shows through in every way.

Peggy A     3 May, 2016

He has the greatest respect for his office staff and his patients/clientele. He has dealt in his practice with courtesy and kindness. He listens to the needs of his patients, to determine the type of treatment necessary. He usues the latest equiptment needed to gently adjust the patient, with no discomfort.

Sharon M.  17 Aug, 2017   

You give excellent care. My back pain is much better. Thank you.

Bea F.       17 Aug, 2017  

I've had some health conditions that have stymied doctors for many years.  I can always feel confident that when I visit Dr. Moon, he will genuinely listen, and I will walk out of his office feeling much better than when I entered.  Not only does he listen, he seems to know the solution without loading me up with a bunch of expensive "remedies".  Thanks, Dr. Moon!  If I could move you to St. George, I would. For now, l'll continue to look forward to my visits to Concord.


30 years of back problems....7 different Chiropractor Doctors but it was not until I saw Dr.Moon 5 years ago that I got almost 100% relief! Now I just average approximately once a month appointment to maintain this relief. He works magic.


    I am thankful for the gentle effective care Dr. Moon has provided me for over 15 years. I have multiple issues including weakness and nerve damage. My immune system is strong and I have not needed back surgery. He and his wife Debbie are a blessing!


    I have been a patient of Dr. Moon for over 6 years. There is a reason why I still go to him even though I live 25 minutes away from his office. The man truly cares for his patients, I recommend people to Dr. Moon every time somone one is looking for a good chiropractor.


    Dr Moon has saved me from possible shoulder surgery..After 2 weeks of AMR and adjustments, my shoulder is almost 100% healed and my Orthopedic MD thought I was going to need surgery! THANK YOU Dr. Moon for making life a lot easier and for your healing hands and kindness.


    Dr. Moon is a GOD! I had been suffering from back pain for decades and knee problems for almost a year. I had done months of PT and was taking a bunch of medication to help with the pain. I saw his new patient sign when I was coming out of my doctor's appointment and decided to give it a try. Within a couple of visit, I was feeling so much better and then after a couple of months my overall pain had subsided immensely. I recommend Dr Moon to everyone I see and know. So if you're thinking about chiropratic treatment...Book a session with Dr. Moon YOU WON'T BE SORRY! Promise

April 27, 2016                                                                                                                                                   To whom it may concern:  I want to tell you about how wonderful and appropriate Dr. Steven Moon has been with me.  I have been Dr. Steven Moon's patient for over a year for a lumbar injury, and I have always felt that he was professional and he always made me feel comfortable in his office.                                                                     Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                        Teresa XXXXXX                                                                                                                                   

Denise XXXXXX    2/22/15
If you live anywhere in the East Bay and need your back adjusted, YOU MUST go to see Dr. Steven Moon D. C,!  He doesn't use the conventional "Back cracking" if you'll pardon the term :) I went in this past Friday and was in SOOO much pain and NOT once did a hear a "cracking noise" from head to toes and left there feeling 100% better. Sure I had to ice a Little that night but I look forward to my next appointment and every other after that. I cannot say enough GOOD things about this man and his techniques other than run don't walk to get in to see him and he's well within anyone's price range :) :)




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